Recital Music (*

TitleVoices / InstrumentsDuration
Ballade for KariDouble bass and piano03:00
Fanfare for Five5 double basses01:20
Fool and Angel Entering a City (tone poem)1 2Solo double bass13:00  Play
Ode to St. Kilda (tone poem)34 double basses05:30
Blow Out, You Bugles (poem by Rupert Brooke)4SATB choir, trumpet and organ07:00
  1. After a painting by British painter Cecil Collins (1908-1990).
  2. This work is listed under Music for Strings.
  3. International prize winner.
  4. Premiered at the Washington National Cathedral for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster.

*The Recital Music website gives the background and a description of the pieces as well as their level of difficulty. Contact the publisher based in the UK through its website to order copies of the pieces.


Forton Music Publishers (**

TitleVoices / InstrumentsDuration
Three Portraits of Krishna1Solo flute, optional piano drone
1. The Fire of Krishna05:10
2. The Loves of Krishna04:36
3. The Dance of Krishna03:56
The Wounded AngelPiccolo, 2 flutes - alto and bass flute07:00
  1. The three movements appear as one publication.

**Information about the pieces appears on the website.


Colla Voce Music / Music for Percussion (***

TitleVoices / InstrumentsDuration
Toccata for Solo Percussionist12 tom-toms, snare drum, timbales, 2 cymbals, triangle09:10  Play
Fools for Flute and Percussion
(in 3 movements)1 2 3
Flute, marimba, vibraphone, crotales. 3 toms-toms, suspended cymbal, triangle and woodblock24:00
  1. This work is listed under Music for Percussion.
  2. Listen to this work under Music for Percussion.
  3. After two paintings and one drawing by British artist Cecil Collins (1908-1990):  I. The Shepherd Fool  II. The Sleeping Fool  III. Two Fools Dancing.

***Contact the publisher located in the state of Indiana (USA) through its website to order copies of the pieces.

NOTE: Some of the unpublished scores are available as a Sibelius or PDF file. The rest of the unpublished scores are available in the composer’s manuscript. Contact him for further information.