Music for Percussion

Suspended cymbals

The following abbreviations will be used:

  • MAR=Marimba   VBP=Vibraphone   CRT=Crotales   TIM=Timbales   TRI=Triangle   SNDR=Snare Drum   TOM=Tom-tom   SUSCYM=Suspended Cymbal   WDBL=Woodblock   FL=Flute

Toccata for Solo Percussionist*SNDR / 2TOMs / TIM / 2SUSCYMs / TRI09:10  Play
Fools*1FL / MAR / VBP / CRT / 3 tuned TOMs / SUSCYM / TRI / WDBL
   1. The Shepherd Fool08:30  Play
   2. The Sleeping Fool11:25  Play
   3. Two Fools Dancing04:05  Play
* See Publications.

  1. The three movements were inspired by and named after two paintings and one drawing by the British artist Cecil Collins (1908-1990). Each movement uses a different combination of instruments.