Music for Brass

French horn

The following abbreviations will be used:

  • TPT=Trumpet   TB=Trombone   FH=French Horn   TBA=Tuba   ORG=Organ   PNO=Piano   TYM=Tympani   SN=Snare Drum   CYMS=Cymbals   TUBBLS=Tubular Bells   GL=Glockenspiel   TRI=Triangle

Sonatina for Trombone
(3 movements)
TB / PNO10:00
Sonata for Tuba
(3 movements)
TBA / PNO10:00
Essay for Brass Quintet2TPTs / FH / TB / TBA09:00
Quietude14TPTs (muted) / TYM / GL / CYM / TRI08:00
Festival Fanfare* 24TPTs / 4FHs / 3TBs / TBA / ORG / TYM / SN / CYMS / TUBBLS04:30  Play
Introduction and Scherzo for Brass Quintet2TPTs / FH / TB / TBA06:02  Play
* This publication is now available from the composer.

  1. Both straight and cup mutes for the trumpets are used. All the percussion instruments can be performed by one player.
  2. This work was commissioned by The Three Choirs Festival 2013 held at Gloucester Cathedral. In addition to the timpanist, three percussion players are required.