Music for Woodwinds


The following abbreviations will be used:

  • PICC=Piccolo   FL=Flute   AFL=Alto Flute   BFL=Bass Flute   OB=Oboe   CA=Cor Anglais   CL=Clarinet   BCL=Bass Clarinet   TS=Tenor Saxophone    BSN=Bassoon    FH=French Horn   REC=Recorder   PNO=Piano   STR4=String Quartet
The Three Gunas
(3 movement suite)1
CL / BCL / TS / FH / BSN13:45

Three Portraits Of Krishna2

FL or REC / PNO3
1. The Fire of Krishna05:10  Play
2. The Loves of Krishna04:36  Play extract
3. The Dance Of Krishna03:56  Play extract
Fools for Flute and Percussion4
Angel Comforting A Fool5FL / CA08:00
The Scherzo of Fools5CL / STR410:18  Play
Three Miniatures for Solo Clarinet6CL09:00
The Wounded Angel5PICC / 2FL / AFL / BFL12:05  Play
Angels Dancing With The Sun and The Moon5FL / OB / CL / FH / BSN08:41  Play
  1. This piece is for a woodwind trio in which one musician plays the clarinet, bass clarinet and tenor sax, using one of these instruments for each movement. The movements have Sanskrit titles referring to different types of energy:  1. Tamas  2. Rajas  3. Sattva
  2. Each movement is given over to one Indian raga scale.
  3. These three movements can be played either by the flute or recorder. The drone effect, which is optional, is played on the strings of the piano using soft mallets.
  4. For the information about this piece, see Music for Percussion.
  5. These pieces are inspired by and named after a painting or drawing by the British artist Cecil Collins (1908-1990).
  6. The individual movements, each about 3 minutes long, are entitled  1. Lightheartedness  2. Simplicity  3. Freedom