Music for Keyboard Instruments



NOTE: All the piano works have been improvised in concert by the composer from premeditated thematic sketches or, in the case of the Raga Mala Suites, based on modal scales used in classical Indian music. The Way of the Spiritual Warrior for electronic piano was realized in a studio setting and not in concert. Therefore no official scores exist for them.

Piano MusicNames of MovementsRecorded Duration
Raga Mala Suite No. 11. Melancholy08:16  Play extract
2. Vigour05:33  Play extract
3. Supplication07:00  Play extract
4. Revelry05:36  Play
Raga Mala Suite No. 21. Anxiety07:07  Play extract
2. Gentleness06:37  Play extract
3. Joy06:39  Play extract
4. Prayer10:39  Play
The Four Temperaments1. Melancholic07:01  Play extract
2. Choleric07:10  Play extract
3. Phlegmatic08:13  Play extract
4. Sanguine06:50  Play
The Three Gunas1. Tamas09:16  Play extract
2. Rajas07:23  Play extract
3. Sattva11:59  Play
The Celestial Hierarchy1Extended single movement51:04  Play extract (10 mins)
The Way of the Spiritual Warrior2Extended six part work58:55  Play parts 1-3 (28:32)
The Elements31. Earth12:22  Play
2. Water13:14  Play
3. Fire10:24  Play
4. Air10:09  Play
5. Ether27:22  Play
  1. Based on the nine orders of celestial angels as given in the writings of Dionysius the Aeropagite.
  2. It is for electronic piano using the piano, harpsichord and vibraphone sounds. There are six sections played without a break.
  3. The 5th movement of the work Ether is played on a synthesizer not the piano to give an ethereal quality.
Synthesizer MusicNames of MovementsRecorded Duration
The Great Happiness Suite11. The Great Happiness14:30  Play extract
(5 mins)
2. The Angel of the Flowing Light14:27  Play
3. The Voice15:06  Play extract
(5 mins)
4. Angels Dancing with the Sun and Moon13:13  Play extract
(5 mins)
5. The Music of Dawn15:12  Play extract
(5 mins)
  1. As with the piano music this five movement suite was improvised from the composer’s thematic sketches and realized in real time using a Yamaha TX802 tone generator linked to a keyboard. Each movement lasts between 13 to 15 minutes. All the movements were inspired by paintings of the British artist Cecil Collins (1908-1990).
Organ MusicRecorded Duration
Fanfare Fantasia107:29  Play
Fantasia on a Theme of Hindemith211:13  Play extract
Fantasia on a Theme of Hindemith311:09  Play
  1. It was commissioned by Adrian Partington who recorded it in concert on the Gloucester Cathedral organ.
  2. It appears on track 17 of The Holy City recording played by Scott Dettra on the organ of the Washington National Cathedral. See the review here.
  3. It appears on track 12 of The Anglo-American Classic Organ recording played by Scott Dettra on the organ of The Church of the Incarnation, Dallas Texas. See the review here.