Choral Music

ChoralThe composition of these choral pieces span a period from 1992 to the present. Two earlier pieces were revised in 2004.  Four of the pieces from the 1990s were revised in 2011.

The following abbreviations will be used:

  • SATB=Mixed four-part choir   SSAA=Four-part women’s choir    SSA=Three-part women’s choir   SA=Two-part women’s choir   MBC=Men and boys choir    SOP=Soprano voice    BAR=Baritone voice    BS=Bass voice    MSTTBR=Mezzo Soprano, two Tenors, Baritone
  • Accompanying instruments:  ORG=Organ   PNO=Piano   TPT=Trumpet   TUB=Tubular bells   GNG=Gong   PERC=Percussion    UNC=Unaccompanied
  • The pieces marked with an asterisk are also suitable for a cathedral MBC.
  • Texts by living authors/poets are marked by a double asterisk.
Agnus Dei from Missa Brevis*1SATB / UNCTraditional Latin Mass05:56  Play extract
Alleluia Variations 2SSA / UNCSingular word "Alleluia"05:45  Play
Amen VariationsSATB / TUB / GNGSingular word "Amen"04:00
Awake, Awake3SATB / UNCPoem by Caroline Hope**03:30
Blow Out, Ye Bugles4
(The Dead)
SATB / ORG / TPTPoem by Rupert Brooke07:00
Eyeing DeathSSAAPoem by Irina Kuzmin­skaya **07:00
Gloria from Missa Brevis*1SATB / UNCTraditional Latin Mass text05:56  Play extract
The Holy City (1)*1SATB / UNCBook of Revelation Chaps. 21-2207:23  Play extract
The Holy City (2)Solo SOP / SSABook of Revelation Chap. 21:1-605:00
The Hymn of St. Patrick1SATB / ORG St. Patrick's Breastplate (Eng. trans.)05:14  Play extract
Kyrie from Missa Brevis*1SATB / UNCTraditional Latin Mass text05:00  Play extract
The Lamb 2 5SSAA / PNOPoem by William Blake04:29  Play
Magnificat I*1SATB / ORGNew Testament (Luke 1:46-55)04:55  Play extract
Magnificat IISATB / ORGNew Testament (Luke 1:46-55)03:30  Play
Nirvana2SSA / UNCPoem by Mikhail Lermontov (Eng. trans.)02:45  Play
Nunc Dimittis I*1SATB / ORGNew Testament (Luke 2:29-32)03:07  Play extract
Nunc Dimittis IISATB / ORGNew Testament (Luke 2:29-32)02:00 Play
O Lord, It Could Be ParadiseSATB / UNCPoem by Honour Stern03:15
O Magnum Mysterium I 2SSA / PNOLatin Christmas motet03:00  Play
O Magnum Mysterium IISATB / UNCLatin Christmas motet04:00
Prayer for PeaceSATB / UNCThe Seekers Trust prayer604:00
Psalm 31 (verses 1-6)*1 7SATB / ORGOld Testament psalm04:41  Play extract
Psalm 96SATB / UNCOld Testament psalm03:00
Psalm 150SATB / UNCOld Testament psalm03:30
Responses I *1SATB / UNCTraditional Anglican liturgy01:31  Play
Responses II *1
(including the Lord's Prayer)
and Collects
SATB / UNCTraditional Anglican liturgy07:06  Play extract
Ring Out, Wild BellsSATB / UNCPoem by Alfred, Lord Tennyson06:00
Sanctus from Missa Brevis*1SATB / UNCTraditional Latin Mass text04:03  Play extract
The Song of Solomon
(parts 1 & 2)
MBC / UNCOld Testament text11:00
The Word 8
Oratorio divided into six parts:
I. The Tower of Babel
II. The Crucifixion of Silence
III. The Lamentations
      of the Babylonians
IV. The Prophet and the Heavens
V. The Coming of the Word
VI. The Word Triumphant
SOP / BAR / BS /
SATB (chorus) /
Texts by Thomas Merton38:00
Three Medieval Motets
  -  Veritas Veritatum
  -  Nobilis Mei Miserere Precor
  -  Salve Ver Optatum
SSAA / UNCMs of Benedict­beuern05:00
Tenebrae Factae Sunt*1SATB / ORGTraditional Latin Good Friday text06:43  Play extract
You Are There3SATB / UNCPoem by Caroline Hope**04:30
  1. These pieces all appear on the recording The Holy City sung by Cathedra and issued by Gothic Records. See Recordings.
  2. These pieces were all premiered and recorded by The LaNova Singers directed by Michelle Nova.
  3. These pieces have a religious flavour and are suitable for church use as graduals or anthems.
  4. This work was commissioned by the Washington National Cathedral Choir and was premiered at a special service in Washington DC for the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 disaster.
  5. This piece is an arrangement for SSAA of the solo song The Lamb. An SA version for junior choir is also available.
  6. The Seekers Trust prayer is used in their practice of praying for those in need of healing.
  7. This piece was commissioned by the Gloucester Cathedral Choir.
  8. This piece also includes a speaking part.